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Yolande is an inspiration to us all, from the start she has trusted us, and has taken the tools, guidance and knowledge we have given her, and made them her own...No spoon feeding required... 

She has made such amazing leaps forward, working her butt off in every single W.O.D. and showing up to class even when there's burpees and running ...  lol


Besides the obvious benefits, including a more than 10 kg body fat loss and an increase in strength and functionality, she has also seen her fasting blood glucose levels improve from almost 7 mmol/L to 4.5 mmol/L.


Yolande has invested wholeheartedly in her Health, Fitness, Wellness and ultimately Happiness and Longevity.  Wherever her adventures may lead in the future we are so proud to be part of her journey.


Yolande says:

'I joined FT Fitness just about 6 months ago and I have not looked back.  What I have loved is my Coaches’ integrative approach not just to fitness but also to overall wellbeing. 

My initial goal was simply to get stronger. I am feeling the strongest I've ever been and have had the extra benefit of losing weight. 

I have achieved this through proper guidance from my Coaches.  It is a simple formula they have:  Work out and try to push yourself to improve. Compliment that by eating well.  No “diets.” 

The encouragement from my Coaches and all members of The Box is what drives me to compete with myself and no one else.  I now understand why people say that it is like being in a cult. 


It is the best community one can belong to!'- Yolande Chirwa

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