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[ ˈēTHäs ]

noun: ethos

the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations:



At FT Fitness we believe that Fitness is for every Human and not only elite athletes.

We strive to create an environment where everyone can learn and excel beyond their boundaries, no matter their age, fitness level or goal.


We all share in each other’s triumphs gained through hard work and perseverance.


To be healthy is not just exercising a few times a week, it involves the whole person, that is why we offer guidance on Nutrition and Lifestyle as well, and provide a community of support.


No quick fixes or fads, just real, honest, long-term, life changing benefits.




We focus on movement safety first, we want you moving well and kept injury free, so making sure your movement is safe is our first priority. We keep classes to under 15 athletes enabling your coaches to coach everyone and keep an eye on everyone's movements.


While proper technique results in safety, we realise that perfecting technique happens over time and through many hours of practice.

Once you are moving safely we can start focusing on perfecting your technique allowing you to work more efficiently.

Working efficiently enables you to increase work capacity without energy wastage.



Once we have you moving safely and improving your technique on a daily basis, we can start to increase the intensity of your workouts so you get the maximum benefit and the desired fitness results. It's important to note that Safety and Technique come before Intensity and it requires patience. Remember you are in this for the long term.


We began our journey as a Chinese martial arts school in 2004 Teaching empty hand routines, weapon routines as well as Chinese kickboxing (San Shou).

During these years we had the benefit and privilege of dealing with many different types of people of all age groups, abilities and ambitions, this provided us with invaluable experience and knowledge as coaches.


We utilise a core strength and conditioning program that includes functional movements like squatting, running, pulling, pushing, lifting - movements that you would do naturally in daily life.


Performed in a variety of combinations and at high intensity,

our goal is not to make you a specialist body builder, weightlifter, marathon runner or gymnast, but to make you a balanced well rounded person who is athletic and fit and ready to deal with whatever life throws at you whether you have to push your car or climb over a wall, deal with difficult situations both physical and mental.


'The definition of an athlete is “a person who is trained or skilled in strength, power, balance and agility, flexibility, and endurance”. The model holds “fitness”, “health”, and “athleticism” as strongly overlapping constructs. For most purposes they can be seen as equivalents.'


In a class your coaches will take you through a warm up. A workout (W.O.D), and a cool-down, you will never come into the box and not know what to do or what you should work on.

Even if the workout is beyond your present capabilities we scale it down to make sure you are getting the benefit of the W.O.D without working beyond your capacity.


The advantage of having a Head Coach and a team of Coaches is immense, as you always have the following benefits:


  • Workouts are programmed weekly so you are always growing and developing.


  • There is no guess work in what you should be doing next as you are guided by us.


  • We are there throughout your workout to ensure you are moving well and working safely.


  • We are invested in your growth and betterment.

What are the benefits of training at FT Fitness as opposed to a normal gym:


  • Programming: FT Fitness programes for you, everything you do every day, there is a process... method behind the madness. Personal trainers charge allot to work out a program for you to use when you train and still don’t guide you through it unless you have paid extra for that.


  • Personal attention: At FT Fitness you have the benefit of personal coaching at every class. A personal trainer charges per hour.


  • Community - A support base, you will make lots of new friends, building a group of people that care about you and you them. Normal gyms don't have the same structure so no community is formed.


  • Accountability – These new friends are the people who hold you accountable for showing up. Motivating you to do so. There is no such thing at a normal gym.

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