FUAAD - Head Coach


CrossFit Level 1

Personal Trainer ETA

​Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor

​San Shou Instructor



Fuaad suffered with severe allergies as a child and was placed on cortisone by doctors resulting in weight gain and consequently bad health. Fed up and determined to lose weight and become healthy he started training on his own at the age of 12. A fan of Jackie Chan, martial arts and action movies he mimicked the training methods he saw and devised his own fitness routines which he followed rigorously, and along with healthy eating (avoiding his mom’s cookies) he achieved his weight loss goals and stopped using his medication. At 14 he started training in Shaolin Kung Fu, his dedication and hard work allowed him to achieve numerous medals in his career. He competed both locally and internationally and was chosen to represent South Africa as part of the National Wushu Team on three occasions. He has trained with coaches in China’s Henan Province, home of the famous Shaolin Temple and with one of Shaolin‘s legendary masters Shifu Shi Yan Ming of Shaolin Temple USA. He has headed up and run a martial arts school for the last 10 years. Fuaad is experienced in Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Qi, Qi Gung and SanShou (Chinese free form kick boxing). Always looking for ways to improve and challenge himself he became obsessed with CrossFit and completed his level 1 Trainers’ Course. Due to his own history Fuaad truly understands the journey to becoming healthy, although sometimes difficult; it is achievable through hard work, dedication and education (and avoiding moms’ cookies).


What do you love about CrossFit  – I Iove working hard and then achieving a Personal Best

What’s the best thing about being a CrossFit Coach – Watching people improve and doing things they thought were impossible

Give us a cool quote that represents who you are – The Stronger you get the Stronger you smell - Goku Dragon Ball Z

Least favorite movement – Sumo Deadlift High Pull



CrossFit Level 2

Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

​Tatiana’s love for movement started at school where she competed in swimming and athletics always trying to beat the boys and getting frustrated when she (sometimes) couldn’t. In high school life was all about art but she continued training in contemporary ballet and fitness in her spare time.

On graduating from fashion school, she started classes in Shaolin Kung Fu and fell in love. She had to work really hard to get techniques and moves right and always strived for her personal best. Long hours of training and perseverance resulted in an opportunity to represent South Africa in China in 2004, earning a silver and bronze medal. She has trained both in China and New York with various coaches and Grandmaster Shi Yan Ming of Shaolin Temple USA. She has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu for 10 years as well as ladies, kids and private classes.

As a type 1 diabetic she is highly aware of and very vocal on the importance of training, eating and living healthy. CrossFit training has enabled her to achieve normal blood sugars (HBA1C of 5 for those of you who know), become stronger than ever and proud to be an athlete. She believes that we should be well nourished with natural unprocessed foods and strengthened with correct and functional training.

What do you love about CrossFit  – How it liberates Humans to be the best they can be, while it creates and admires strength in both body and will.

What’s the best thing about being a CrossFit Coach – learning from the people I meet every day, seeing how they grow both physically and mentally.

Give us a cool quote that represents who you are –When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power the World will know Peace -  Jimi Hendrix

Least favorite movement – muscle ups

Favorite movement – Single arm snatches

KIERAN - Coach

Diploma Exercise Specialist

CrossFit Level 1

Sports Massage Certification

Multiple Fitness Class Certifications

Wellness Coach

There is not much worse than watching the health of someone you love slowly deteriorate to nothing when you can do absolutely nothing to help them and neither can modern medicine. It is a powerless feeling.So, I chose to make my life mission that of pursuing excellence in health and the prevention of Chronic disease. To me Personal Training, exercise and nutrition is not just about losing weight or the aesthetics of it all. It is about the health, longevity and wellness that is builds. I chose to help protect people from the detriment of the modern lifestyle. So, studying at the Exercise Teachers Academy, an internationally accredited organisation in Johannesburg I became a Personal Trainer and Massage therapist for the love of dealing with, helping and guiding people to better themselves. It is highly rewarding to be able to have an influence over someone’s longevity and wellness.From helping to start this gym in late 2013 to travelling the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on Princess Cruise Lines as a Personal Trainer, Motivational speaker and Wellness coach, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people and help them in their quests for self-improvement and the betterment of their Wellness.


What do I love about CrossFit?

I love the movement. I love the community and I love the ability to push myself and feel like I am getting better and better. 

What’s the best thing about being a CrossFit coach?

I enjoy challenging people to be better than they were before. I also enjoy watching the exasperated pain faces of a workout because I know I look the same: D

A cool quote:

“It’s never too early or too late to be your healthiest self. Have courage to do what needs to be done today so that you have no regrets tomorrow.”

Least favourite movement: Burpee

Favourite movement: Clean