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When Karen joined our Box her goals where to regain muscle mass and get stronger and fitter. 

Over the last year she has really exceeded expectations, going from whining her way through a wod with very little skill and using little or no weights, to managing going RX on some wods, getting her toes to bar down and steaming her way through her workouts.


This year she took part in her first CrossFit Open in the scaled division which proved to her how capable and strong she really is.


This kind hearted lover of all things fury and feathery, is also proof that building muscle mass is definitely possible on a well-balanced vegan diet, even after the age of 35. LOL!


No more saggy nothing Karen just beautiful curvy muscles...

'I joined FT Fitness on 30 June 2017. Heading toward my 45th birthday, I thought it was time to get back into training after being off for 15 years.

As a youngster I was always involved in some or other physical activity and participated in weight training in my 20s. At the peak of my training, work started getting in the way, 

and exercise slowly vanished from my life.


What grabbed my attention about FT Fitness was that you receive personalised training from a Coach, and I really couldn't afford to pay for individual lessons from a personal trainer.

I had no clue what I was in for. I didn't even investigate it properly, but I signed up! and couldn't back out.


My fitness level was non-existent, zero muscle mass, saggy bum, I couldn't lift the 15kg bar, I moaned allot, and wanted to give up almost every day.


But I kept coming back. Coaches Tatiana and Fu encouraged and guided me, and I started to really enjoy the camaraderie of the training sessions. 

Slowly, VERY slowly and painfully, I improved.


It will now be my 1 year anniversary at the end of the month, and I love coming to the Box. I am so much stronger, and I feel fantastic!

That 15kg bar, is also allot easier to pick up now. I feel stronger mentally and emotionally too as I push myself to do better. Of course, getting rid of the sagginess is an absolute bonus! 

As a vegan of 7 years, I am also here to prove that plant power works!


Here's to my next year and all its improvements. ' - Karen Van Den Heever

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